Art can be fun, and Marilynn’s work is testament to that. Her anthropomorphized bear art shows families of bears enjoying mountain life like any human family does. You’ll also notice a nod of nostalgia, as well as the frequent use of American flags.

In Bearcraft, a bear family is out on the water on an antique wooden speedboat. Heading Home depicts momma bear, poppa bear, and their many cubs in a wood-sided precursor to the SUV, complete with canoe on top. You could imagine they’d just made the acquaintance of Little Red a few days before—who may have been surprised to find more than three bears!

A bear couple enjoys the coziness of fireplace warmth in A Long Winter’s Night, and a tent camping bear family enjoying some outdoor meal making in Summer Cookout.

The lighthearted nature of these works is balanced by the painterly hand Marilynn applies to her artwork. These reproductions of her original paintings showcase Marilynn’s talent for creating realistic depictions of these beloved forest dwellers, conceived in human scenarios.